Breast Augmentation is one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures performed in New Zealand and around the world.

We have all seen images of TV celebrities and celebrity wannabes who have had surgery to enhance their breasts to unusual and sometimes ridiculous and gargantuan proportions.  Thankfully this media coverage has resulted in useful social commentary such that patients now typically request natural and proportionate breast augmentation appearances. 

The emphasis is on a look that is proportionate, natural and ultimately believable. Obviously fake breasts are definitely on their way out. Where I was working in Los Angeles in 2005-2006 there was a definite trend for women requesting smaller implants and also for women previously augmented with disproportionately large implants requesting revisional surgery to decrease their size to more natural dimensions.

If large implants are used to create an overly enhanced unnatural look they can cause premature ageing and drooping of breasts, which may in the future necessitate revisional surgery such as implant exchange or combined with a breast list procedure.

The size of implant chosen depends on a number of factors, such as patient desires and individual physical characteristics that must all be taken into consideration to gain an optimal outcome. Choosing a Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon well versed in cosmetic breast surgery will provide you with an informed choice about the type of implant, the position of the implant and the incision used. 

Your Plastic Surgeon will inform you whether your desired breast size increase is realistic, if you are an appropriate candidate for breast augmentation using implants alone or if a breast lift combined with implants is the best option. There are also a number of breast implants on the market provided by different companies.  They are not all equal in quality and their price does vary.


It is important to enquire about who the implant manufacturer is and whether the manufacturer provides a warranty for the product. As New Zealanders we tend to be more realistic than our American or even Australian friends in regard to body proportion. The majority of patients who attend for breast augmentation in my practice have either an undeveloped bust or have lost breast volume following pregnancy, breast feeding or weight loss. This group of patients want to create a bodily balance by increasing their bust size to a proportionate level, with the goal of feeling and appearing more feminine. 

Ultimately, cosmetic surgery is about enhancing your appearance and in so doing creating a more natural looking beauty. If you have any specific requests regarding cosmetic surgery topics that you would like discussed on this blog, please feel free to email me: