Do you have more wrinkles than your friends? As you age are you looking more and more like your mother's old photographs?

We know that wrinkles are caused by general aging and are brought on earlier and worsened by smoking and sun exposure. But why do some people age prematurely - thanks to a study recently published in the journal Nature we now have a better understanding of the biological causes of aging.

The genetic material we inherit from our parents help to define us, such as our physical characteristics, what diseases we may suffer from and expected lifespan. We assume that we get half of our genes each from our mother and father. What is not that well known is that we get a special package of genetic material from our mothers only.

This is stored within mitochondria, the cellular organs that provide energy. If the mitochondria are damaged they fail in their production of energy which results in accelerated aging. The susceptibility of mitochondria to damage relates to the genes they contain and those you inherit from your mother.

This new found knowledge gives researchers hope that new anti-aging treatments can be manufactured to target mitochondria to optimise their function. This hope is futuristic but thankfully today their is a wide range of options to treat premature aging.

This range includes skin care products, resurfacing (laser, dermabrasion, vitamin A, chemical peels), fillers (hyaluronic acid, fat transfer), botox, and surgical lifts (face lift, neck lift, brow lift, blepahroplasty). If you have any specific requests regarding cosmetic surgery topics that you would like discussed on this blog, please feel free to email me: