Breast Reduction patients are so grateful. Often patients come in for their first post-operative check-up and they say they can already tell that their back and neck pain has been relieved.

It is also common for older patients ask, "Why didn't I do this years ago!"

Pain Relief Breast reduction surgery removes excess breast tissue and skin, and works to relieve back and neck pain related to large breasts. The amount of breast tissue removed varies by the size of the patient and their bust. The final cup size is a happy medium - not too small and not too large, and retains the patient's femininity.

Breast Reduction Procedure - this operation can be done as an outpatient procedure or with an over night stay at the hospital. The recovery is not too bad, usually a 7-10 days of rest off work and driving. Gentle exercise can start soon after surgery but higher level gym classes or running may be 6 weeks post surgery. The exact type of scar depends on the type of reduction, and patients consider the scar a fair tradeoff for the breast reduction gained plus the relief from their back and neck pain.

Covered by Insurance? breast reduction is covered by insurance plans if you have symptoms, such as neck or back pain, shoulder strap grooves and underwire irritation. There is a process of pre-approval and your Plastic Surgeon will need to submit documentation.

Breast Reduction for Teenagers, teenagers are a special category of patients who ask for breast reduction. It is safe and effective but usually we require patients to be fully mature so recommend waiting until aged 18 years of age. Often teenagers are involved sports and are greatly hindered by the large size of their breasts. Due to the extra physical exertion and stress on their bodies they can have neck and back pain at a much younger age. Teenagers who proceed with breast reduction surgery will experience profoundly positive physical and psychological changes in their lives.

Taking Action - if you are experiencing back and neck pain, and think a breast reduction might be an option, I recommend consulting an experienced and certified Plastic Surgeon (FRACS - Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery).