Breast Enhancement
Augmentation, Reduction & Lifting


Breasts can naturally be too small or too large. Size and shape can also be affected by pregnancy, breast-feeding, weight gain or loss. Women can achieve their desired breasts through breast augmentation (enlargement), reduction or lifting procedures. We understand the desires specific to New Zealand women who are unique in their combination of body type and lifestyle.

Breast augmentation is performed using implants sourced only from the world's leading manufacturers. Revision breast augmentation surgery is offered by both of our plastic and cosmetic surgeons who are experienced in these techniques. Female breast reduction and breast lift (mastopexy) surgery are performed using techniques that maximise shape and minimise scarring. Men who develop unwanted breast shape (gynaecomastia) can also have their chest size reduced with male specific breast reduction surgery.

Modern male breast reduction is performed using liposuction and surgery to through small incisions to conceal scars and make them inconspicuous. Female breast reconstruction requires considerable experience in plastic and cosmetic breast surgery to reconstruct defects following breast cancer surgery. Breast reconstruction is a process that both our surgeons are dedicated to.

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